Industries We Serve


NovaLink utilizes Maquiladoras for their textile manufacturing labor, since most textile products are in high demand, low automation. There is considerable labor content to these products. If possible, materials are bought in Mexico at a cost-effective price or sourced abroad, and labor is provided by Mexican workers. NovaLink is capable of producing large volumes of products or small quantities on a custom basis for companies like Patagonia and Balfour.


Electronics manufacturing typically requires a highly skilled, trainable workforce. Electronics products typically involve a high level of manual labor. Maquiladoras produce consistent, tangible and positive results for the electrical industry when paired with a motivated, consistent workforce. Companies such as Powell Electrical rely on NovaLink to manufacture their products.


Manufacturing in Mexico has been especially successful in the automotive and aviation sectors. This market is highly competitive and deals in high volumes. Therefore, the Maquiladora model is an ideal model for these industries because it provides cost advantages and a productive, trainable workforce. Franklin, IMMI, Porter Engineered, and others use NovaLink for automotive and aviation projects.


The furniture industry is an ideal candidate for start-up manufacturing in Mexico, in terms of logistics and lead time. Manufacturers must respond to today’s market demands in order to remain competitive. Logistics savings can also be realized in mass-produced furniture due to larger cubes. 


That’s why many furniture companies, such as NovaLink customer Easy Way, have moved their manufacturing south of the border.