Mexico Manufacturing Advantages FAQ

Mexico Manufacturing Advantages

The U.S.’s top manufacturing base is Mexico, not China. Mexico is great for manufacturing companies because it allows them to reduce their expenses and increase their revenue.

Decreased Time to Market

NovaLink is literally right across the border from Texas, and NovaLink has well-developed supply chains.

Inexpensive, but skilled Maquiladoras Labor

Mexican laborers, whose wages are 30 % lower than China, are skilled in auto-making and equipment industries, as well as other labor-intensive industries, such as clothing and textiles.

Increased Investment in Mexico

Following the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, Mexico saw a surge in manufacturing investments and, after a significant share of factory work went to China when they entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, the pendulum is now swinging back in Mexico’s favor.

Free-trade Agreements Covering 44 Countries

Mexico has free-trade agreements with 44 countries. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provides access manufacturers in Mexico from the USA and Canada. The Mexican government encourages foreign investments.