Michael Dillon

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Michael Dillon is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for NovaLink. This position develops and executes marketing  and business campaigns for the Novalink brand.
This position is responsible for driving current and develop new sales strategies for the Vice President’s of Sales to execute. Michael identifies, develops and executes growth strategies, cultivates strategic and business planning, and leads market, business and financial analysis for key decision-making within the leadership teams. As a strategic thought leader, the role formulates system and entity-level strategies; identifies and develops growth opportunities.
Responsibilities include strategy, communications, website content management, email campaign setup and delivery, online PPC campaigns, SEO, SEM, CRM and analytics reporting.
Prior to NovaLink, Michael spent time as a digital lead at notable agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and the Halo Group, as well as creating user-centered initiatives for companies and organizations including HP, AT&T, Torchmark Insurance, Suddenlink Business and The United States Marine Corps.

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Supported by over 30 years of experience, NovaLink has provided shelter or contract manufacturing services to a variety of industries. The management team has developed the skill and talent required to avoid the 7 mistakes commonly made in new manufacturing projects.  Whether it is a product that requires precision and high tolerance, or a product that has been commoditized, NovaLink operates at an advantage. NovaLink would make the perfect secondary manufacturing partner source for many company operations.  


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