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Nearshoring manufacturing

Nearshoring Manufacturing to Mexico in Times of Global Crisis

In recent decades, the phenomenon of offshoring, a strategy of shifting production to suppliers in distant lower-cost countries, mainly in Asia, has lost its appeal due to global challenges. As a result, more and more manufacturers are considering the option of relocating those links in their global supply chain to countries closer to their base […]

Why Free Trade Agreements are Important

Why Free Trade Agreements Are Important

The American consumer market offers more choices of goods, often at competitive prices, than ever before. American consumers have access to a wide array of goods, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and automobiles, both in retail stores and online. Where does this abundance of goods come from? The benefits of free trade agreements. It is […]

Minimum Order Quantity

A minimum order quantity, or MOQ, is a manufacturing term.  It refers to the lowest number of units that must be purchased at one time and can either be set based on cost or volume. Manufacturers or suppliers often use this technical term to describe a production run. By determining the minimum amount of product, […]

Nearshore Manufacturing Services

When You See the Phrase “Made in China”​, What Does It Mean to You?

Consumers took the “Made in China” label for granted: few questioned the quality and were often just attracted to the low price. The average consumer now scrutinizes what “Made in China” really means and asks: Is it really that cheap? What’s the quality like? And most importantly; Are the Chinese goods, despite their price, worth […]

China First: Wrong Reasons for the Decline of American Manufacturing

China First: Wrong Reasons for the Decline of American Manufacturing

Editor’s note: The following is an updated version of an article published on the Shoreview Management Advisors website in January 2019. Trade Deficits and the Potential of Manufacturing Returning to the US Dominate Today’s Headlines Structural trade deficits are driving the headlines. With “America First” as the justification, the US has imposed steel and aluminum tariffs, and […]

Manufacturing in Mexico Floor Facilities

IMMEX Gives Manufacturers Operations Savings They Can’t Get From Manufacturing Elsewhere

IMMEX was created in the 1960s to encourage foreign investment in Mexico through preferential tariff agreements between their country and the U.S. IMMEX stands for “Manufacturing, Maquila, and Export Services Industry Program” (Industrie Manufacturera Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación). IMMEX is more commonly known by the name “Maquiladora“. What Is a Maquiladora? Maquiladoras are […]


Editor’s note: The following is an updated version of an article published on the Shoreview Management Advisors website in June 2020. The relevancy of these issues continues to increase. As executives consider the best way to strengthen their strategic sourcing strategy, we highly recommend they consider Mexico due to the inherent relationship capital between the two […]

Moving Manufacturing to Mexico

Cutting Through The Red Tape—The US Government And Manufacturing In Mexico

In a foreign country such as Mexico, setting up manufacturing has its own set of complexities. Understanding Mexican regulations and laws, and the customs and laws corresponding to those of the United States, can help you save time and avoid frustration.  Here is some advice for helping to cut the red tape when starting a […]

Growing Manufacturing Industries in Mexico

Growing Manufacturing Industries in Mexico

Mexico’s economy is growing at a consistent pace. According to BizLatin hub, after a decrease in production between 2016-1018, Mexico’s economy has grown at an annual rate of 2-3-%.  Growing manufacturing industries in Mexico are helping to spur this growth. Part of the reason for this success is the proximity to the United States, like the […]

Time to Market is an Advantage to Mexico Manufacturers

Establishing manufacturing facilities overseas as a cost-saving measure for labor and production has been a common practice; however, businesses that want to start manufacturing operations in Asia consistently do not take into account the other costs that must be incurred with an overseas operation: the most important of these is shipping your completed items back […]