Manufacturing in Mexico vs China

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Manufacturing in Mexico vs China

When faced with the choice of Manufacturing in Mexico vs China, the most popular option may not be the most cost effective.  NovaLink believes that for the best in cost, quality, productivity and delivery, manufacturing in Mexico is the obvious, and best, choice.   If you are currently manufacturing your products in China, but find the tariffs imposed by the United States are hurting your bottom line, you may consider moving your production out of China to another country like the US or even possibly Mexico.   Moving production from one location to another is always challenging, even more so when moving from across the Pacific. There are many details that need to be adhered to, and not following or paying attention to these details could be costly down the road.   This article details information you may need to know when moving out of China, and what some of the best manufacturing options for your company may be, like manufacturing in Mexico.


In 1996, Patagonia wanted to adjust their global sourcing chain because they were experiencing long transit times for US materials and finished goods as well as high duty rates on foreign materials.  Although NovaLink only manufactured Patagonia’s polar fleece products at the beginning of the partnership, our portion of the business has grown as a result of our quality, speed to market and deep understanding of Patagonia’s products.

Avoid The China Tariffs: Move Your Manufacturing to Mexico

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