Manufacturing in Mexico With NovaLink

Manufacturing in Mexico Made Easy

NovaLink is a best-in-class, outsourcing solution for domestic and international companies seeking to relocate or initiate manufacturing in Mexico in a low-cost labor environment with proximity to the U.S. The company has manufacturing facilities in the cities of Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.


NovaLink’s near-shore Mexico shelter manufacturing services are the ideal solution for any company that wants to reduce costs associated with full service manufacturing: from large, blue-chip companies with brand names to small and medium-sized firms with limited resources.

What Ally-Shoring?

This year, the US-Mexico Foundation (USMF), a binational non-profit committed to improving business cooperation between the United States and Mexico, initiated a new economic & trade program with the aim to have the United States work with its allies to optimize and reconfigure its supply chains so that all neighboring nations benefit from their commerce and trade.  The name of this program: Ally-shoring.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Company in Mexico?

Before you can determine how much does it cost to start a company in Mexico, you will need to address a number of issues associated with starting a manufacturing operation. There will be different issues depending on the type of goods you want to make and how you intend to import them back into the United States. It will be less expensive to procure materials and create a simple product, like a garment, while it will be more difficult to make a complex product, like an electronic device. The location of your manufacturing operations is crucial determining the cost to start a company in Mexico. You’ll want to be near the border between the United States and Mexico or near an entry point if you frequently ship into the United States. Most importantly, you must answer the question: Are you interested in starting your own business or using a shelter model? Foreign manufacturers can open maquiladoras in Mexico through the shelter manufacturing model without going through the paperwork required to establish a Mexican company. Your manufacturing will run cheaper if you do everything yourself in Mexico, but it will also take a lot longer and be more challenging.

Advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico

There are many reasons why Manufacturing in Mexico vs China is simply the better solution: Mexico manufacturing represents the best of both worlds for manufacturing companies who seek to increase quality and production while reducing costs.

Affordable Labor

Low labor costs in Mexico provide many benefits than just a lower bottom line; see how your business can profit from utilizing the low-cost labor pool in Mexico.

Easier Sourcing

U.S.-made parts and products are used by Mexico manufacturers up to four times more than China; this is a tremendous benefit to suppliers in the United States.

Friendly Government

The Mexican government is very friendly to foreign business and investment, as demonstrated by their 44 trade agreements with countries around the globe, including the recently-signed USMCA agreement.

Proximity to the U.S.

Production is closer to the U.S. border; faster time to the consumer market than shipping across the Pacific Ocean, which can take weeks. Manufacturing in Mexico means lower transportation, trucks and trains as opposed to ships, and the abundance of warehousing make Mexico a cost-effective solution.

Manufacturing Competencies of Novalink

Advanced – Injection

Advanced – Molding compression

Advanced – Vacuum bagging/wrapping

Aerospace products

Automated cutting equipment (Gerber, Lectra)

Automotive assemblies

Basic consumer electronics

Cloth, bed linen, towels and decoration

Disposable Protective Apparel

Electronic Assemblies – Cable and wire harnesses

Electronic Assemblies – Motors & Transformers

Electronic Assemblies – Switches & Relays

Electronic Assemblies – Thermocouples

Embroidery, screenprinting, silk screening and kauma graphics

Finished device assembly

Finishing – Clearcoat

Finishing – Coating

Finishing – Painting

Leather and furniture

Lighting assembly

Low level PCB manufacturing (not Cleanroom)

Machining Shop – Casting/Saw

Machining Shop – Cutting

Machining Shop – Milling

Machining Shop – Pressing

Machining Shop – Punch press

Machining Shop – Rivet

Machining Shop – Turning

Machining Shop – Welding (RF/Ultrasonic)

Machining Shop – Thermal press lamination

Machining Shop – Welding (TIG/MIG/Induction/Resistance)

Material sorting and inspection

Mattresses and crates

Mechanical Assemblies and subassemblies

Medical devices

Non Disposable Protective Apparel

Packaging and bagging

Personal Protective Equipment

Private labeling, marking and printing

Rivets and fasteners assembly

Seating and Automotive interior products

Secondary manufacturing process

Textile apparel and garment manufacturing

How Long Does It Take to Get My Product Setup and Manufacturing Running?

Typically set up under our model is quick; within a month. This is dependent on many variables. Lead time on equipment and raw materials to be used, etc. Since NovaLink is the incorporated business in Mexico and holds current maquiladora permits, the time constraint is not on the legal side of setting up. Then of course you have the set up of equipment time and the process of training the operators in the processes.

The NovaLink Advantage

NovaLink is committed to the philosophy that transitioning manufacturing to Mexico should be an easy, rapid and cost-effective process. We offer advantages that enable our customers to succeed.

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Manufacturing is a major industry in China, as we know. However, a third of supply chain leaders plan to move some of their manufacturing out of China by 2023, according to Gartner research. Here’s why so many companies are moving out.
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