Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services

Our goal is to provide the labor force for your project while at the same time meeting all of our employees’ expectations by providing them a first class place to work. NovaLink takes care of all employee-related matters so that our clients can focus on their business. Let us show you how.

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NovaLink’s Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services

Every new operation requires administrative support: NovaLink’s Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services provides accounting, information systems, recruiting, training and managing employees. NovaLink will staff an operation according to your needs. For projects with a design component or those that require greater technical expertise, we can recruit additional engineering talent to help oversee the nearshore manufacturing services operation.

NovaLink will integrate your information systems to provide timely information in a familiar and convenient format.

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Maquiladoras in Mexico Facts

The Maquiladoras in Mexico, a manufacturing solution created to utilize preferential tariff agreements between the U.S. and Mexico, has a wide variety of benefits for businesses to consider when choosing if and who to use for outsourcing. A Maquiladora is based in Mexico, typically near the Mexico/U.S. border, but is operated by a U.S. company. This approach has many benefits for businesses looking to outsource their manufacturing needs. These needs may be due to cost competitiveness or availability of labor to meet demand.   Learn More

Seats Incorporated Case Study

In 2017, NovaLink began working with Seats, Incorporated., an OEM and contract manufacturer of seating. Seats had a unique challenge: an abundance of business and not enough resources to accommodate it. Download the case study to learn how NovaLink was able to help Seats with their problem in just 10 weeks.

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