Full Service Manufacturing

Full Service Manufacturing Is the Bedrock of Our Company

Full Service Manufacturing: All your manufacturing needs under one roof. NovaLink is competitive in manufacturing a wide array of products. Whether it is a product that requires precision, sub-assembly, or high tolerance, or a product that has been commoditized, NovaLink operates at an advantage.

NovaLink currently provides full service manufacturing for everything from aircraft seating, activewear, fire extinguishers, wire harnesses, patio furniture and water meters and other products.  Mexico industrial manufacturing is easy and seamless with us.

NovaLink keeps costs low while manufacturing high quality products: It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a large multinational company, NovaLink’s contract manufacturing services allows our customers to explore full service Manufacturing in Mexico and decide if it is a fit for their company without significant risk.

8 Reasons Why Manufacturing Outsourcing is Better

For more reasons on why full service manufacturing is better than doing it yourself, click the graphic.

What is Full Service Manufacturing?

Full Service Manufacturing refers to partner manufacturers who offer end-to-end services other than just product assembly: procurement, assembly, and distribution are offered to clients as “one stop shopping” who are then released from having to provide these functions themselves.

The NovaLink Advantage

NovaLink is committed to the philosophy that transitioning shelter manufacturing to Mexico should be an easy, rapid and cost-effective process. We offer the following advantages to enable our customers to succeed.

Ability to Scale

NovaLink can initiate a manufacturing relationship with a floor plan as small as 5,000 square feet. Once the relationship has been established, and proven successful, customers can scale up to 100,000 square feet or more. It also permits larger customers to scale down if the customers’ business experiences a need to reduce overall capacity.

Attractive Labor Pool

Mexico has made large strides in developing a world class labor market. NovaLink has positioned itself and helped develop a geographical market of labor that is pro-business resulting in lower than normal turnover rates.

No Significant Upfront Capital Commitment

NovaLink client’s are not required to enter into any long-term lease obligations or purchase new equipment (if currently owned). Furthermore, the client’s equipment can be shipped to NovaLink’s facilities in stages as production ramps to ensure quality control.

Quick Turnaround

With our proximity to market, short lead times are met with turns from order placement as short as five days.

Simple Pricing

NovaLink offers a variety of pricing models to accommodate unique client needs. These range from fully loaded hourly rates to a full package model where NovaLink provides the raw materials and equipment.

Site Selection & Raw Materials Procurement

NovaLink can accommodate your operations within our current facilities, or if you prefer your own facility, assist in site selection, secure all permitting requirements and coordinate this effort with a builder or landlord.  Many of our customers have dedicated suppliers in place, but for those that do not, NovaLink will source materials and provide cost estimates.

Full Service Manufacturing vs. Full Package Manufacturing

Full package manufacturing is often associated with the garment and textile industry, although it can also be associated with companies that do many different varieties of manufacturing such as electronics or product assembly. A manufacturing company that offers FPM will take care of all aspects of garment or product creation. FPM partners offer end-to-end services: procurementassembly, and distribution are offered to clients as “one stop shopping” who are then released from having to provide these functions themselves. All the manufacturing needs are provided under one roof.