How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture in Mexico?

How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture in Mexico depends on several factors.

  • What type of product do you want to manufacture? Your costs might be low if you have a small, easy-to-create product that does not require much labor or factory space. You may have higher costs if you create a large, complex product that requires specialized labor or machinery.
  • Where do you want your manufacturing to be located? The location of your manufacturing operations is crucial. You’ll need to be near the US/Mexico border or a port of entry if you want to ship frequently into the United States.
  • Do you wish to start on your own or do you want to use a shelter model? Manufacturers can establish maquiladoras in Mexico without going through the bureaucratic process of establishing a Mexican company using the shelter manufacturing model. While doing everything yourself will be cheaper, it will also take considerably more time and effort to get your manufacturing up and running in Mexico.