Component Sub Assembly

Component Sub Assembly Enables Your Lean Manufacturing Objectives

NovaLink offers a wide range of nearshore manufacturing services, including component sub assembly. NovaLink can manage all the steps of Chip on Carrier, Optical SubAssembly, Butterfly lasers, 2.5G DFB, and 10G EML TOSAs.   If it’s a product that requires precision and high tolerance, or if it’s commoditized, NovaLink has an edge. Component Sub Assembly with on-time delivery helps your business achieve lean manufacturing goals like reducing labor and inventory costs.   NovaLink can handle all your Component Sub Assembly needs and offers you the benefit of 30 years of experience in full service manufacturing.

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Manuel Campos is Engineering and Information Systems Manager at NovaLink. We recently sat down with Manuel to get his opinions and expertise on sub-assembly operations, what type of products are good fits, what is the most important aspect of starting a sub-assembly operation and answers the debate of manufacturing in Mexico vs. China for the best fit for assembly of complex manufacturing products. 

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The NovaLink Advantage

NovaLink is committed to the philosophy that transitioning to Mexico shelter manufacturing services should be an easy, rapid and cost-effective process.  We offer the following advantages in Mexico industrial manufacturing to enable our customers to succeed.

NovaLink can initiate a manufacturing relationship with a floorplan as small as 5,000 square feet. Once the relationship has been established, and proven successful, customers can scale up to 100,000 square feet or more. It also permits larger customers to scale down if the customers’ business experiences a need to reduce overall capacity.

NovaLink client’s are not required to enter into any long-term lease obligations or purchase new equipment (if currently owned). Furthermore, the client’s equipment can be shipped to NovaLink’s facilities in stages as production ramps to ensure quality control.

With our proximity to market, short lead times are met with turns from order placement as short as five days.

Mexico has made large strides in developing a world class labor market. NovaLink has positioned itself and helped develop a geographical market of labor that is pro-business resulting in lower than normal turnover rates.

NovaLink offers a variety of pricing models to accommodate unique client needs. These range from fully loaded hourly rates to a full package model where NovaLink provides the raw materials and equipment.

NovaLink can accommodate your operations within our current facilities, or if you prefer your own facility, assist in site selection, secure all permitting requirements and coordinate this effort with a builder or landlord.  Many of our customers have dedicated suppliers in place, but for those that do not, NovaLink will source materials and provide cost estimates.


Patagonia looked into manufacturing companies in Mexico in 1996 as they wanted to adjust their global supply chain due to long transit times for US materials and finished goods and high duty rates on foreign materials.  Although NovaLink only manufactured Patagonia’s polar fleece products at the beginning of the partnership, our portion of the business has grown as a result of our quality, speed to market and deep understanding of Patagonia’s products.

Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
It is common practice in manufacturing to set a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is the fewest amount of units that need to be purchased at once. Manufacturers or suppliers usually use MOQs for production runs, but a manufacturer can set them for different types of orders. At NovaLink, we do not establish relationships with our manufacturing partners based on MOQs, but rather through sustained production. NovaLink believes that having a consistent volume that engages full-time manufacturing teams year-round is the key to a successful, financially-viable manufacturing project. Partnering with NovaLink is not for “short runs” or products that require simple, machine-based production.


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