How Much Does It Cost to Start a Company in Mexico?

Before you can determine how much does it cost to start a company in Mexico, you will need to address a number of issues associated with starting a manufacturing operation. There will be different issues depending on the type of goods you want to make and how you intend to import them back into the United States. It will be less expensive to procure materials and create a simple product, like a garment, while it will be more difficult to make a complex product, like an electronic device. The location of your manufacturing operations is crucial determining the cost to start a company in Mexico. You’ll want to be near the border between the United States and Mexico or near an entry point if you frequently ship into the United States. Most importantly, you must answer the question: Are you interested in starting your own business or using a shelter model? Foreign manufacturers can open maquiladoras in Mexico through the shelter manufacturing model without going through the paperwork required to establish a Mexican company. Your manufacturing will run cheaper if you do everything yourself in Mexico, but it will also take a lot longer and be more challenging.