Jason Wolfe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Wolfe is the President and Chief Executive Officer for NovaLink.  He joined the company in 1989 and served in various roles before assuming his current role in 2015.  Wolfe’s expertise in management, business development and passion for the maquiladora industry have made him an invaluable part of NovaLink. Wolfe has been pivotal in helping NovaLink become a best-in-class outsourcing solution for over 30 years. Wolfe has served on the Brownsville Economic Development council for four years, including two years as a chairman. He received his degree in business management from The University of Texas in 1989.

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Supported by over 30 years of experience, NovaLink has provided shelter or contract manufacturing services to a variety of industries. The management team has developed the skill and talent required to avoid the 7 mistakes commonly made in new manufacturing projects.  Whether it is a product that requires precision and high tolerance, or a product that has been commoditized, NovaLink operates at an advantage. NovaLink would make the perfect secondary manufacturing partner source for many company operations.  


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