Tape for Wire Harnesses

 Tapes are a cost-effective method for protecting and bundling wire harnesses.  In a single year, millions of cars are manufactured worldwide. While the styles, parts and features may vary, every vehicle requires a wire harness. The harness connects the wiring throughout the vehicle, powering everything from power steering and headlights to in-dash displays and heated seats.  Tape is another option for bundling and protecting wires. According to Christine Toussaint, product manager at Scapa, tapes are more flexible and cost-effective than other bundling options because they can be used for protective wrapping, bundling and sealing. With a wide variety of backings and adhesives, tape can offer sound dampening, thermal and electrical insulation and abrasion protection of the same quality of the other methods. Additionally, tapes are more flexible, lighter and easier to apply than tubing or plastic conduit.

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