NovaLink Launches Disposable, Non-surgical Medical and Isolation Gown Production

NovaLink, a nearshore manufacturing company headquartered in Brownsville, Texas is pleased to announce the initiation of production and supply of disposable medical and isolation gowns from their manufacturing facilities in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 2 gowns, which will be available for purchase in bulk, will feature an open or closed back style as well as thumb-loop or elastic cuff options. The gowns consist of sturdy medical-grade non-sterile high-density polyethylene material with impulse sealed sleeves.

The single-use, non-sterile, disposable non-surgical isolation gowns are unisex, one-size fits all, low linting, lightweight, latex free and blue in color. The gowns are not intended for use in surgical settings where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected and not intended for use in the presence of high intensity heat source or flammable gas.

“Starting with the intent of supplying much needed PPE to our local community, NovaLink will be continuing and scaling our production to expand the support of PPE to a broader audience. With the capability to manufacture 100,000 units per day, we felt it was incumbent on us to fulfill a void during this COVID crisis.” said NovaLink CEO Jason Wolfe. “By having this production nearshore to the US market, it is our intent to continue manufacturing for the long term and help the US and Mexican medical/healthcare industries be less reliant on an overseas supply chain. We will be exploring other areas of PPE over the next few months to provide further support.”

More information on the specifications for the gowns and how to order is available on their website: Disposable, Non-surgical Medical and Isolation Gown Production page.

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