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How much would products cost if they were made in the US? – Business Insider

In his first address since his victory speech — a two-and-a-half minute YouTube video

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The Biggest Lie Circulating in the Nearshore Industry, and How to Overcome It

What’s the one thing that most Nearshore professionals get wrong on a routine

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Auto Industry Declares War on Trump Over NAFTA

We’re winning with NAFTA,” declared a newly formed coalition, Driving American Jobs, on

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Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts: The Importance of Free Trade

President Donald Trump, as one of his first executive actions after the January

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The core issue of low Mexican wages is the key to breaking the impasse at NAFTA renegotiations

Unifor National President Jerry Dias and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross have

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North Korea

Your ‘Made in China’ Apparel Might Actually Be From North Korea

"Made in China" is a common phrase on a number of consumer items

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Renegotiating NAFTA Could Cripple Canadian Apparel Manufacturing, Hurt U.S. More Than You’d Think

While it might sound beneficial for the U.S., as on paper it would

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China's October Factory Growth Cools As Output Weakens

China’s October Factory Output Weakens

Chinese manufacturing activity expanded in October at a slower pace than in the

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Skills Gap

As workforce growth slows, new approaches are needed to meet demand

Employers and others worried about the “skills gap” for years, often lamenting that

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Profits for manufacturing

Low Labor Costs in Mexico: Top 10 Ways Manufacturing Profits [2022]

Low labor costs in Mexico provide more benefits than just a reduced bottom

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