Full Package Manufacturing

If you are a business entrepreneur with a great idea for a product but without the know-how, the skill or equipment to get your project off the ground, you will most likely need the aid of a Mexico manufacturing partner that provides Full Package Manufacturing (FPM) or as it is also commonly referred, Full Service Manufacturing. Here is some background information on FPM, what it is, and why Mexico contract manufacturing is a perfect fit and what a prospective company should look for in a manufacturing partner.

What is Full Package Manufacturing?

Full package manufacturing is often associated with the garment and textile industry, although it can also be associated with companies that do many different varieties of Mexico industrial manufacturing such as electronics or product assembly. A manufacturing company that offers FPM will take care of all aspects of garment or product creation. FPM partners offer end-to-end services: facilities, procurement, assembly, and distribution are offered to clients as “one stop shopping” who are then released from having to provide these functions themselves. All the shelter manufacturing needs are provided under one roof.

Why is Mexico Perfect for Full Package Manufacturing?

Mexico’s textile and apparel industry is becoming more diversified and expanding with newer investment in technology and infrastructure. If your company is seeking a resource for garment and textile manufacturing, or wants to move manufacturing out of China, there is no better fit than Mexico.

Owing to the considerable cutting and sewing skills of The Maquiladora, the textile industry is a natural fit for manufacturing in Mexico; the textile industry benefits greatly from the Maquiladora, simply because most textile products encompass the traits of a high demand, low volume model. 

Materials are purchased at a cost-effective price in Mexico, when possible, or sourced abroad are then matched with cost-effective labor provided by the Mexican workforce; the Maquiladora are then able to skillfully and quickly manufacture the product in large volumes or small custom driven quantities.

Mexico is committed to the textile and apparel industry: According to the International Trade Administration, Mexico’s textile and apparel industry accounts for 6 percent of the country’s gross domestic product and 20 percent of all manufacturing employment in Mexico: this equates to employing almost 415,000 workers serving 22,000 apparel companies in 2013.

What Should Companies Look for in a Full Package Manufacturing Partner?

A good full package manufacturing partner should have the basics: skilled labor, equipment, ample factory floor space and most importantly, the experience to produce quality textile products, ensuring any Mexican clothing manufacturing project is a success. At a minimum the full package manufacturing partner should also offer the following skills and processes:

  • Design Consultation / Engineering
  • Pattern Making
  • Prototyping & Sampling
  • Pattern Making
  • Grading & Nesting
  • Fabric / Component Sourcing
  • Technical Design & Quality Control
  • Process Engineering
  • Time studies
  • Line Layout
  • Cutting
  • Sewing


Frequently Asked Questions: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Contract Manufacturing?
When it comes to unique items, contract manufacturing is an ideal approach to keep costs low while maintaining high quality. Whatever you’re producing, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a dependable contract manufacturing partner to relieve some of your production burdens.

While contract manufacturing has some drawbacks, in most circumstances the benefits exceed the drawbacks. It can assist organizations in lowering costs, accelerating the manufacturing process, and expanding their operations.


Reduce Overhead and Increase Profits
Scalability Opportunities
Technical Expertise


Partner Reliability
Higher Long-Term Costs
Intellectual Property

The advantages are obvious: Mexico is the best destination for a textile and apparel company seeking to have their product produced with high quality at a reduced price. NovaLink has helped dozens of textile and apparel companies achieve success with manufacturing in Mexico

NovaLink has over 30 years of experience providing shelter or contract manufacturing services to a variety of industries, including full service manufacturing. If you would like to consider reshoring manufacturing for your business, contact NovaLink today: 956-621-7362 or visit our website: www.novalinkmx.com