Secondary Manufacturing Source

Secondary Manufacturing Source

Putting your trust in a single source with your company’s manufacturing needs is a testament to partner loyalty. If you can find a partner that will do what you need for your manufacturing and you are happy with the result, why look for a Secondary Manufacturing Source?


You should always look for a Secondary Manufacturing Source for your manufacturing because a diversified supply chain is the safe and smart business decision. Diversifying your manufacturing sources (partners and suppliers) will also open up business opportunities for your manufacturing operation that a single source cannot.


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Our Process

NovaLink has the process of setting up manufacturing in Mexico down to a precise science.

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Accounting, Information and Reporting Systems

Every new operation requires administrative support: accounting, information systems recruiting, training and managing employees.

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Full-Service Manufacturing

NovaLink keeps costs low while manufacturing high quality products: It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a large multinational company.

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Industries We Serve

Manufacturing high-quality products across a wide variety of industries.

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Customs and Logistics

NovaLink has decades of experience managing the shipment of equipment, raw materials and finished goods across the U.S. / Mexican border.


In 2011, NovaLink began working with DLH Industries, Inc (“DLH”), a supplier of plastics and fluid management systems for the automotive industry, which merged with Bowles Fluidics Corp in June of 2015 to become dlhBOWLES. Through partnering with NovaLink, dlhBOWLES has been able to substantially grow their business, enhancing both efficiencies and the quality of their products.
Am I a Good Fit as a Manufacturing Partner with NovaLink?

To better understand if your product or company is a good fit for contract manufacturing services with NovaLink, we have provided a short list of items and practices that unfortunately we cannot accommodate. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Good Fit

  • If you are a startup, your company needs to have full-funding from an investor for your project.  We do not work with startups without funding.
  • Your manufacturing, whether your are doing your own production or outsourcing, has a steady, consistent volume.
  • Your product requires at east 5 or more employees to produce.
  • Your product requires complex labor or assembly.

Not a Good Fit

  • We do not work with companies that are interested in doing “short runs”.
  • Simple, machine based production.
  • We prefer to work with companies that have their own equipment for manufacturing and are seeking to re-locate it to Mexico.  We are able to source equipment for you if this is an issue, and the additional costs will be included in your quote.
  • We do not produce Spec products.  We encourage our clients to have spec products already produced before engaging with us.
  • We do not produce the following:
    • Shoes
    • Chemical Products or any products that contain hazardous materials
    • Food or Beverage products
    • Weapons or Para-Military products

To learn more about products and service we do provide, please see the Industrial Manufacturing page.