Avoid China Tariffs

China Tariffs Eating Your Profits?

When faced with the choice of paying China tariffs or having your operations close to home in North America,  NovaLink believes that companies making the decision to move manufacturing out of China is the smartest and best choice.   Since July of 2019, the United States has imposed a 25 percent border tax on goods made from factories in China when they’re imported into the US. The goal of this tax, and the other China tariffs, is to make Chinese products more expensive for American consumers and businesses to buy.   If your company is currently manufacturing goods in China, your goods will be subject to a 25 percent border tax, which will mean you will either have to raise the price of your goods and pass the expense to your customers or accept a cut into your profit margins.

  However, there is viable solution for companies who may be facing the China tariffs crisis: moving manufacturing to Mexico.   With the new trade agreements between Mexico, Canada and the United States now in place, manufacturing goods and services between these nations is now easier and more cost effective than ever:

  • There are no tariffs for products made in Mexico and imported into the United States that meet NAFTA rules of origin requirements.
  • Lower shipping time for goods to get into the United States
  • Lower average cost of shipping
  • Lower number of days to start manufacturing operations
  • Cost-effective ad more productive labor pool

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