Labor Force in Mexico: Mexico Graduates More than 13,000 Engineers A Year

Labor Force in Mexico: Mexico Graduates More than 13,000 Engineers A Year


One of the most frequently asked questions regarding manufacturing in Mexico, besides ”how much does it cost?” is in regard to the labor force in Mexico: is the Mexican labor force skilled & educated enough to handle my co-production manufacturing?


The answer is: YES. According to the Washington Post, Mexico graduates more than 13,000 engineers a year from its universities, which is more than engineering graduates from Canada, Germany and Brazil, which is almost twice the size of Mexico. 

Frequently Asked Questions: How Do I Find a Manufacturer in Mexico?
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According to Forbes, the labor force in Mexico is a talent pool that should be taken advantage of, to help fill talent gaps:


“Shorter term, I believe that more companies can alleviate their talent gaps by thinking outside of borders and identifying great talent globally. From my perspective, it’s challenging to identify a better fit for U.S. time zones, cultural compatibility and relevant work experience than Mexico.”


The Maquiladora industry, often staffed by a young and talented worker population with a mean age of 26 years, has demonstrated the capacity to construct sophisticated products for Mexico shelter manufacturing services. Because of the lower cost of production, an assumption is made that the goods must also be poor quality, but this is far from the truth: the labor force in Mexico, because of the high rate of education and skill in production, have expertise comparable to that of U.S. employees.


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