Manufacturing Companies in Mexico

Manufacturing Companies in Mexico

Manufacturing companies in Mexico are more numerous than ever. With the success of trade agreements like the USMCA and the traditional relationship that American and Mexican companies enjoy with business commerce, more companies than ever before are now manufacturing their goods in Mexico using Mexico contract manufacturing than with an overseas partner like China. Mexico has a highly-skilled manufacturing workforce of over 2 million working in industries as diverse Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices, Electronics as well as traditional industries such as textile/clothing production. Matamoros, where NovaLink is located,  is an ideal location to begin Mexico shelter manufacturing services.

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If your company is considering Mexico manufacturing, it is always a sound practice to think through the entire process of manufacturing your product before you start. Mexico contract manufacturing can be complex, and without taking stock of the tasks involved, you might be setting yourself up for failure before you even produce anything.

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Advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico

There are many reasons why Manufacturing in Mexico vs China is simply the better solution: Mexico manufacturing represents the best of both worlds for manufacturing companies who seek to increase quality and production while reducing costs.

Affordable Labor

Low labor costs in Mexico provide many benefits than just a lower bottom line; see how your business can profit from utilizing the low-cost labor pool in Mexico.

Easier Sourcing

U.S.-made parts and products are used by Mexico manufacturers up to four times more than China; this is a tremendous benefit to suppliers in the United States.

Friendly Government

The Mexican government is very friendly to foreign business and investment, as demonstrated by their 44 trade agreements with countries around the globe, including the recently-signed USMCA agreement.

Proximity to the U.S.

Production is closer to the U.S. border; faster time to the consumer market than shipping across the Pacific Ocean, which can take weeks. Manufacturing in Mexico means lower transportation, trucks and trains as opposed to ships, and the abundance of warehousing make Mexico a cost-effective solution.

Manufacturing Competencies of Novalink

Advanced – Injection
Advanced – Molding compression
Advanced – Vacuum bagging/wrapping
Aerospace products
Automated cutting equipment (Gerber, Lectra)
Automotive assemblies
Basic consumer electronics
Cloth, bed linen, towels and decoration
Disposable Protective Apparel
Electronic Assemblies – Cable and wire harnesses
Electronic Assemblies – Motors & Transformers
Electronic Assemblies – Switches & Relays
Electronic Assemblies – Thermocouples
Embroidery, screenprinting, silk screening and kauma graphics
Finished device assembly
Finishing – Clearcoat
Finishing – Coating
Finishing – Painting
Leather and furniture Lighting assembly
Low level PCB manufacturing (not Cleanroom)
Machining Shop – Casting/Saw
Machining Shop – Cutting
Machining Shop – Milling
Machining Shop – Pressing
Machining Shop – Punch press
Machining Shop – Rivet
Machining Shop – Turning
Machining Shop – Welding (RF/Ultrasonic)
Machining Shop – Thermal press lamination
Machining Shop – Welding (TIG/MIG/Induction/Resistance)
Material sorting and inspection
Mattresses and crates
Mechanical Assemblies and subassemblies
Medical devices
Non Disposable Protective Apparel
Packaging and bagging
Personal Protective Equipment
Private labeling, marking and printing
Rivets and fasteners assembly
Seating and Automotive interior products
Secondary manufacturing process
Textile apparel and garment manufacturing
Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
It is common practice in manufacturing to set a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is the fewest amount of units that need to be purchased at once. Manufacturers or suppliers usually use MOQs for production runs, but a manufacturer can set them for different types of orders. At NovaLink, we do not establish relationships with our manufacturing partners based on MOQs, but rather through sustained production. NovaLink believes that having a consistent volume that engages full-time manufacturing teams year-round is the key to a successful, financially-viable manufacturing project. Partnering with NovaLink is not for “short runs” or products that require simple, machine-based production.


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