Nearshore Manufacturing Services for Your Business in Mexico

Are you considering manufacturing your product in Mexico? If so, you should consider NovaLink as your Nearshore Manufacturing Partner. Refined by 30 years of serving clients, NovaLink has a host of Nearshore Manufacturing Services that makes production in Mexico an easy and seamless solution. NovaLink has the capacity to manage the entire process of relocating a customer’s manufacturing operations and services, to a low-cost labor environment with the support of strong management, integrated systems, and world-class facilities.

Seats Incorporated Case Study

In 2017, NovaLink began working with Seats, Incorporated., an OEM and contract manufacturer of seating. Seats had a unique challenge: an abundance of business and not enough resources to accommodate it. Download the case study to learn how NovaLink was able to help Seats with their problem in just 10 weeks.

Our Process

The Manufacturing Process for Getting Started in Mexico is Simple. Let Us Show You How.

Full Service Manufacturing

NovaLink’s Full Service Manufacturing is a comprehensive, complete turn-key manufacturing solution for our customers all “under one roof.”

Mexico Supply Chain Services

NovaLink has decades of experience managing Mexico supply chain services, getting the shipment of equipment, raw materials and finished goods across the U.S. / Mexican border.

Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services

Every new operation requires administrative support: NovaLink’s Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services provides accounting, information systems, recruiting, training and managing employees.

Industries We Serve

With more than 2,900 employees and 30 years of experience within Mexico industrial manufacturing, NovaLink is capable of manufacturing high-quality products across a wide variety of industries.

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