Maquiladoras are capable of manufacturing high-quality products including garments, electronics and furniture

Maquiladoras are capable of manufacturing high-quality products across a wide variety of industries. With more than 2,900 employees and 25 years of experience within the manufacturing industry, NovaLink has established itself as a world-class example of how Maquiladoras produce high-quality manufactured goods. However, some industries benefit more from the use of the Maquiladora than others.


The textile industry benefits greatly from Maquiladoras, simply because most textile products encompass the traits of a high demand, low automation model. Most products in this category have significant labor content. Materials are purchased at a cost-effective price in Mexico when possible or sourced abroad and the labor provided by the Mexican work force. Maquiladoras are able to skillfully and quickly manufacture the product in large volumes or small custom driven quantities.


Manufacturing electronics typically requires a skilled, trainable workforce. This industry contains products with a high labor content requiring manual processes. For example, several companies choose to manufacture automobiles at Maquiladoras. When paired with a motivated, consistent workforce, Maquiladoras produce tangible, consistent and positive results for the automation industry. Many large operations like Phillips, Sony, Pioneer Speakers, and the General Electric Company all trust Maquiladoras to manufacture their products.


One of the most successful industries for nearshoring has been the automotive industry in Mexico. Automotive and Aviation industries deal in large volumes in an ever increasing competitive market. Therefore the cost advantages coupled with a productive and trainable labor pool make the Maquiladora and ideal model for these industries.


Maquiladoras are an ideal fit for the furniture industry when considering logistics and lead time. The demands from the marketplace require manufacturers to respond to what the consumer wants today. Furniture that is mass-produced would also benefit from the logistics savings for larger cube items. This is precisely why many furniture companies have moved their manufacturing operations south instead of east.

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