Made in Mexico Manufacturing

Made in Mexico Manufacturing Means Quality

NovaLink has 30 years experience in Mexico manufacturing; made in Mexico manufacturing does not have to be difficult; we make production in Mexico an easy and seamless solution. NovaLink has established itself as a world-class example of how nearshore companies produce high-quality manufactured goods.


The textile industry benefits greatly from Maquiladoras, utilized by NovaLink for their textile manufacturing labor, simply because most textile products encompass the traits of a high demand, low automation model. Most products in this category have significant labor content. Materials are purchased at a cost-effective price in Mexico when possible or sourced abroad and the labor provided by the Mexican work force. NovaLink able to skillfully and quickly manufacture the product in large volumes or small custom driven quantities for such companies as Patagonia and Balfour.


Two of the most successful Mexico industrial manufacturing segments have been the automotive and aviation industries. Automotive and aviation industries deal in large volumes in an ever increasing competitive market. Therefore the cost advantages coupled with a productive and trainable labor pool make the Maquiladora and ideal model for these industries. NovaLink serves automotive and aviation companies such as Franklin, IMMI and Porter Engineered.


Manufacturing electronics typically requires a skilled, trainable workforce. This industry contains products with a high labor content requiring manual processes. When paired with a motivated, consistent workforce, Maquiladoras produce tangible, consistent and positive results for the electrical industry. Large operations such as Powell Electrical trust NovaLink to manufacture their products.


Mexico Industrial Manufacturing is an ideal fit for the furniture industry when considering logistics and lead time. The demands from the marketplace require manufacturers to respond to what the consumer wants today. Furniture that is mass-produced would also benefit from the logistics savings for larger cube items. This is precisely why many furniture companies, such as NovaLink customer Easy Way,  have moved their manufacturing operations south of the border instead of across the Pacific.

What is Full Service Manufacturing?

Full Service Manufacturing refers to partner manufacturers who offer end-to-end services other than just product assembly: procurement, assembly, and distribution are offered to clients as “one stop shopping” who are then released from having to provide these functions themselves. Learn more about Full Service Manufacturing.

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