Manufacturing Competencies

Manufacturing Competencies of Novalink

Advanced – Injection
Advanced – Molding compression
Advanced – Vacuum bagging/wrapping
Aerospace products
Automated cutting equipment (Gerber, Lectra)
Automotive assemblies
Basic consumer electronics
Cloth, bed linen, towels and decoration
Disposable Protective Apparel
Electronic Assemblies – Cable and wire harnesses
Electronic Assemblies – Motors & Transformers
Electronic Assemblies – Switches & Relays
Electronic Assemblies – Thermocouples
Embroidery, screenprinting, silk screening and kauma graphics
Finished device assembly
Finishing – Clearcoat
Finishing – Coating
Finishing – Painting
Leather and furniture Lighting assembly
Low level PCB manufacturing (not Cleanroom)
Machining Shop – Casting/Saw
Machining Shop – Cutting
Machining Shop – Milling
Machining Shop – Pressing
Machining Shop – Punch press
Machining Shop – Rivet
Machining Shop – Turning
Machining Shop – Welding (RF/Ultrasonic)
Machining Shop – Thermal press lamination
Machining Shop – Welding (TIG/MIG/Induction/Resistance)
Material sorting and inspection
Mattresses and crates
Mechanical Assemblies and subassemblies
Medical devices
Non Disposable Protective Apparel
Packaging and bagging
Personal Protective Equipment
Private labeling, marking and printing
Rivets and fasteners assembly
Seating and Automotive interior products
Secondary manufacturing process
Textile apparel and garment manufacturing