Mexico Industrial Manufacturing

NovaLink Has 30 Years Experience in Mexico Industrial Manufacturing

With more than 2,900 employees and 30 years of experience, NovaLink is the premier destination for Mexico industrial manufacturing.

NovaLink is as an example of how nearshore manufacturing services can help businesses produce high-quality complex manufactured goods for industries including automotive, aviation, medical and apparel at an affordable rate. We make production in Mexico an easy and seamless solution.

Mexico Industrial Manufacturing Processes Supported by Novalink

There are several manufacturing processes that can be applied across various industries, and used by manufacturing companies to tailor production business needs for their clients. Here are examples of manufacturing processes NovaLink utilizes for its clients and our proficiencies in each.

Repetitive Manufacturing: Repeated production processing comprised of dedicated production lines that produce the same or similar items, all year round, usually committed to a known production rate. Minimal setup, little changeover. Operation speed adjustable to customer demand.

Process Manufacturing (Batch): Allows the use of the “same” production resources for different products. This method of production is capable of creating several items at the same time in a series of production steps. It is important to define minimum order quantity to maintain certain level of efficiency. Once a batch is completed, the equipment, workcell or production line can be entirely switched over to produce the next batch when needed. Batch processing needs to be continued to be efficient.

Discrete Manufacturing: Assembly or production line where the processing steps may be diverse with a large variation of setups and changeover frequencies. Miscellaneous production items or discordant in design. Seasonal production may require altering line setup and usually changeovers require more time. All line layouts adjustments and utilities relocation are made in house, no third party support required.

Job Shop Manufacturing: Defined production areas (cells) rather than production or assembly lines. Production processes focused on smaller batches/bundles of custom products, can be either made-to-order (MTO) or made-to-stock (MTS). Work Cells usually organized to make a version of the product or performing most of the processing steps altogether. A portion of the process may be performed by automated equipment and selected labor operations executed by multifunctional working cells.

Process Manufacturing (Continuous): Continuous manufacturing is referred to the production process where the materials are always in a state of motion or constant change. Allows things to be produced efficiently at scale, usually referred as mass production. Food processing or energy production are common examples.

Manufacturing Products That Can Be Assembled in Mexico

To have a product completely manufactured, its components may require sub-assembly. Sub-assembly manufacturing can be very labor intensive and, depending on the complexity of your product, very expensive. However, just as with any complex manufacturing task, the easy solution may be laying just south of the border: Mexico.

Novalink’s Manufacturing Competencies

  • Advanced – Injection Advanced – Molding compression
  • Advanced – Vacuum bagging/wrapping
  • Aerospace products
  • Automated cutting equipment (Gerber, Lectra)
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Basic consumer electronics
  • Cloth, bed linen, towels and decoration
  • Disposable Protective Apparel
  • Electronic Assemblies – Cable and wire harnesses
  • Electronic Assemblies – Motors & Transformers
  • Electronic Assemblies – Switches & Relays
  • Electronic Assemblies – Thermocouples
  • Embroidery, screenprinting, silk screening and kauma graphics
  • Machining Shop – Turning
  • Machining Shop – Welding (RF/Ultrasonic)
  • Finished device assembly
  • Finishing – Clearcoat
  • Finishing – Coating
  • Finishing – Painting Leather and furniture
  • Lighting assembly
  • Low level PCB manufacturing (not Cleanroom)
  • Machining Shop – Casting
  • Machining Shop – Cutting/Saw
  • Machining Shop – Milling
  • Machining Shop – Pressing
  • Machining Shop – Punch press
  • Machining Shop – Rivet
  • Machining Shop – Thermal press lamination
  • Machining Shop – Welding (TIG/MIG/Induction/Resistance)
  • Material sorting and inspection
  • Mattresses and crates
  • Mechanical Assemblies and subassemblies
  • Medical devices
  • Non Disposable Protective Apparel
  • Packaging and bagging
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Private labeling, marking and printing
  • Rivets and fasteners assembly
  • Seating and Automotive interior products
  • Secondary manufacturing process
  • Textile apparel and garment manufacturing