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We have a host of co-production manufacturing services that make Mexico shelter manufacturing easy. NovaLink can help move manufacturing operations and services to a low-cost labor environment with the support of strong management, integrated systems, and world-class facilities.   NovaLink has more than 2,900 employees and 25 years of experience in the Mexican manufacturing industry. They make products from a range of industries, such as:

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As the owner of a manufacturing business, you shouldn’t have a fear of success – you should be planning on scaling up manufacturing from day one. Planning on how to do this depends on the type of products you manufacture, but one thing you can plan for is finding the right manufacturing partner that will have the capacity to help your business grow or scale back, if that is what is deemed best.

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In 2011, NovaLink began working with DLH Industries, Inc (“DLH”), a supplier of plastics and fluid management systems for the automotive industry, which merged with Bowles Fluidics Corp in June of 2015 to become dlhBOWLES. Through partnering with NovaLink, dlhBOWLES has been able to substantially grow their business, enhancing both efficiencies and the quality of their products.
Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
It is common practice in manufacturing to set a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is the fewest amount of units that need to be purchased at once. Manufacturers or suppliers usually use MOQs for production runs, but a manufacturer can set them for different types of orders. At NovaLink, we do not establish relationships with our manufacturing partners based on MOQs, but rather through sustained production. NovaLink believes that having a consistent volume that engages full-time manufacturing teams year-round is the key to a successful, financially-viable manufacturing project. Partnering with NovaLink is not for “short runs” or products that require simple, machine-based production.


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